When  we moved three years ago into Ocean Hills Country Club (OHCC), we noticed an insurance ad in one  of our three village papers. We clipped out the ad because it asked: Are You Paying Too Much For Insurance?" We started out some twelve  years ago with United American as our supplemental insurer. At that time  we were paying a little over $400.00 per month for supplemental Plan G  insurance for both of us. Over the years there were gradual increases to  the point that we were now paying over $800.00 per month for a plan G.  

For several weeks Ron's Ad remained on our desk and then one day we  decided to call him based upon the question asked in his ad.  After a brief discussion with Ron, he informed us that for the same type  of plan (G),  he could save us over $440.00/mon. with insurance with Mutual of Omaha. A  yearly savings of over $5,300! We couldn't believe it, but it was  true. 

We have never regreted making that phone call to Ron. He follows  up every year giving us up- dates on what plan G's are being offered and  what other insurers are charging. What we like about Ron is not only did he save us a considerable amount of money, but he follows-up to make sure what we are paying for insurance is the lowest possible price with the best rated insurers. We have recommended him to others who likewise have saved money on what they were paying for supplemental insurance. What have you got to lose? Give Ron a call! 

Mike and Joan C., Oceanside, CA

Ron, has really helped my husband and I save money on our supplemental insurance. In fact, he has saved the two of us $1,000+ per year, while also moving us from Plan N back to Plan F, in my case and Plan G, in my husband's case. His regular Videos helping us understand how to use insurance wisely has also been extremely helpful. He is always there to assist us in a helpful way. We have used other people in the past and Ron is by far superior in his service and interest in our needs.

Lynn and Gary R., San Marcos, CA

For the last few years, my wife and I have enjoyed the benefit of advice from Ron Lewis for her MediCare supplemental insurance needs. Ron is affable, caring, and competent. His knowledge of this area has allowed us to find appropriate and affordable coverage. Ron is highly recommended!

Michael R. Clark, D.D.S. and Lora VanLaningham, J.D., Oceanside, CA

Ron's integrity and character is outstanding! He is painstaking and very thorough and will shop the market insuring that he gets the best insurance plan most suitable for you. Ron is always there for you. Ron is knowledgeable, patient, kind, and knows his business. I cannot say enough about Ron. I am privileged to have Ron as my agent! I am a Life Agent and have been in the insurance world more than 25 years; so I know what I am talking about.

Camille A., Carlsbad, CA

Ron saved me $43.08 per month or $516.96 per year by switching from Aetna's Plan F to IAC's Plan F. He stays in touch with me on a regular basis, and he shops around for me every year. I highly recommend him!

Barbara C., Playa Vista, CA

Ron Lewis has been both my insurance agent and a dear friend for many years.  He has not only given me competitive prices and benefits but has been extremely helpful in referring me to other sources for insurance needs even if it’s not a type of insurance that he markets.  His responsiveness and easy to understand detail with regard to my questions is something that I wish I had had over my previous decades of dealing with insurance agents.  You could do no better than Ron no matter how much time you spend looking. 

Len W., Oceanside, CA


Ron is very honest and reliable. Most insurance agents that I have worked with in the past disappeared after I signed up with them, but not Ron! He follows up with me every year to help me save money on my Medigap insurance. I had Plan G with Mutual of Omaha, and I was paying $269.15 per month. He researched and found another insurance company that offered Plan G for $223.88 per month, which saved me $45.27 per month or $543.24 per year for the same exact insurance plan and coverage! I’m on a fixed income, and this made a big difference for me. Thank you Ron!

Carolyn P., Oceanside, CA

Ron Lewis is someone I highly recommend. I have already found two new customers for him and they are very happy they made the change! I have known Ron for many years so I can speak to his excellent character but even more importantly I can attest to the fact that he is a very hard working and bright man who sincerely cares about his customers and wants to do his very best for them. Ron saved my friends and I literally hundreds of dollars on our Medicare Supplement insurance, and I’m sure he will do the same for you!

Jackie G., Friday Harbor, WA

This past year, Ron saved us over $600 on our Medicare Supplement insurance, and we have personally recommended him to our friends and others who need help or want to save money on their Medicare Supplement insurance!

Eloise and Carlos H., Oceanside, CA

Thank you, Ron, for always keeping in touch with us and for the articles, blogs, and videos regarding our insurance options! Your updates and articles are so useful! We are so happy with the results and for the money that you have saved us! Please keep them coming!

Gordon C., Carlsbad, CA

Ron is honest and ethical, and he provides excellent customer service. He stays in touch and periodically shops around for me to save me money on my Medicare Supplement insurance premiums. He recently saved me $143 per year by switching my Plan G from one insurance carrier to Plan G with a different insurance carrier! I’ve recommended him to many of my friends!

Brent H., Roche Harbor, WA

Ron, we appreciate the great service you provide. You have saved us quite a bit of money by telling us to switch from the F Plan to the G Plan. We appreciate all the updates. No other agent has been on top of things like you. I would recommend you to all my friends!

Sandy Schaffner, Oceanside, CA


I have recommended Ron to many of my friends and acquaintances for their Medicare Supplement insurance. He is honest and reliable, and he knows what he is doing! He stays in touch with me and shops around for his clients every year to take advantage of the California Birthday Rule. He has saved me and many of my friends literally thousands of dollars on their Medicare Supplement insurance premiums! Thank you!

Adrienne Mark, San Diego, CA

Thank you Ron for your continuous support with any of our questions or concerns. I'm especially grateful for the shopping around you do each year to find us the best coverage for the best price AND for reminding us when it's time to evaluate our plans again. I have never had an agent like you that kept me posted with videos and articles of the latest news/updates in Medicare and Medicare Supplement insurance. With an item of such importance, I'm especially grateful and at ease knowing I'm being taken care of by the best! I refer you with total confidence to my friends! Again, thank you Ron!

Hermina S., Oceanside, CA

Ron was referred to us by a friend. He saved me almost $300 per year on my Medicare Supplement insurance, and he saved my wife $356 per year on her premiums by switching her from Plan G with one insurance company to Plan G with a different company! The coverage and the plan was exactly the same! Altogether, he saved both of us over $650 per year on our Medicare Supplement insurance premiums! We are on a fixed income, and the savings really help. I have recommended Ron to many of my other friends, and he has saved them money too!

Jack K., Los Angeles, CA

Ron Lewis? My Insurance Agent. Bottom Line: I have always had the (good) feeling that he puts my "best interest" above commissions or sales-volume awards. This is quite rare in the insurance business today. This is the way we "wish" every salesperson would be. And with Ron, it's actually a "reality."

Suzanne Houser, Palm Desert, CA

Ron is wonderful, honest, and can save you a lot of money!!!! I wish I knew about him years ago!!!

Lois Lerner, Calabasas, CA

Never have I benefited in so many ways from an insurance broker as I have in the past two plus years from Ron Lewis. Having moved from another state, I needed a fresh, objective look at the insurance landscape to see what best suited my needs.

Ron’s strengths presented themselves immediately to me and I have benefitted as a result.  He quickly understood my insurance needs, demonstrated keen knowledge of the market, responded to me with options to consider in detail, and followed through in a timely manner in every respect.

I NEVER felt like Ron was selling me. On the contrary, I always welcomed his call because our friendly conversation often ended with a “savings” to me due to Ron’s suggestions and creativity. An example is that Ron saved me over $576.00 a year by keeping my plan F but switching from AARP to Mutual of Omaha.

In addition to keeping in touch personally, I periodically receive Ron’s Blog and videos via E-mail that are informative. I can read and watch them at my leisure. I am delighted to change insurance plans that still meet my needs and budget, however, I will NOT change my Insurance Broker!

Robert Aronow, Carlsbad, CA


I have recommended Ron to several of my friends. Medicare Supplement rates usually go up in price every year, and Ron shops around for me every year before my birthday to take advantage of the California Birthday Rule. I’m on a limited income, and he has saved me a lot of money on my Medicare Supplement insurance. He is very reputable and he provides clear explanations about how Medicare and Medicare supplements work.

Larry, Carlsbad, CA

Ron is your go-to guy for supplemental Insurance assistance. When I first began Medicare, I was lost in confusion! Ron guided me through it all and helped me pick out the best supplemental insurance policy for me. One year later, when the rates increased, he helped me choose another policy that saved me money. I highly recommend Ron! He keeps in touch and takes the guesswork out of the equation!

Andrea S., Vista, CA

Ron, you have done a very good job for me as well as my friends in helping us understand and save money on our Medicare Supplement insurance! We also appreciate the fact that you stay in touch and periodically update us with Medicare changes and updates through your blogs and videos. Thank you!

Lynn G., Beverly Hills, CA

Ron, we think you are the BEST! Everyone we have recommended to you has been EXTREMELY SATISFIED with your TLC! You are always there for your clients and looking to provide the best SERVICES for the BEST PRICES!

Ellen and Gary B., Oceanside, CA

You are such a good agent, Ron! Many thanks for keeping us and your clients well informed. The info you provided was very informative. I totally trust you and your advice. Please continue to keep us in the loop on these maters. Thanks!

Alex R., Mountlake Terrace, WA

Ron contacts me every year during the month before my birthday to see if he can take advantage of the California Birthday Rule and save me money on my Medicare Supplement insurance premiums. I had Plan F and he switched me to the same exact plan, but with a different carrier, and I saved over $430 per year on my insurance premiums! Ron provides a valuable service, and I would highly recommend him.

Andie R., San Diego, CA


Ron is always very helpful, and he is very good about staying in touch and trying to save me money on my Medicare Supplement insurance. He saved me almost $400 per year on my Plan F Medicare Supplement!

Birdie B., Oceanside, CA

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